NEW Tool Repair Service

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  1. I have created a business in which people can give me their enchanted tools (axes, shovels, pick and swords). So they give me their tool/s and i repair each one within 24-48 hrs. These repairs are FULL repair.

    IMPORTANT: I can use my own diamonds to repair the tool/s but in doing so it is 50r per diamond used. You can use your own diamonds if you wish.


    lvl 39 repair: 500r (not including diamonds)
    lvl 30-38 repair: 340r (not inclusing diamonds)
    lvl 20-29 repair: 230r (not including diamonds)

    These prices are for all tools.

    For your items to be repaired contact me via forums and drop your item into the correct chest at 4389 on smp2.
  2. I will use my own diamonds-

    I need 4 level 39 picks repaired, and 1 level 31 pick
    Total: 2340r
  3. Level 30-38? Explain...?
  4. Different enchants require different lvls to be fully repaired