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  1. Hi, my name is ChickenDice and I'm fairly new to EMC. I have been playing Minecraft for 1 and a half years and out of those 18 months 11 of them I have been playing multiplayer. I share a plot with ChickenButler (the person who got me into EMC) on server smp9. If anyone ever needs help doing something I would be glad to help, just /msg ChickenDice. My main things I like to do in EMC is building, mining, pvping, and hunting. If any shop owners our looking for suppliers(75% of the money made off our items goes to us and 25% to the hiring shop owner) just /msg me or ChickenButler in game. I hope to you all in game and throughout the forums. :)
  2. Chickens are Awesome. Welcome to the Empire. Will have to go and see you in-game sometime
  3. Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  4. The Chicken Horde is coming .....

    Welcome ChickenDice to Emc may have fun and meet new friends here.
  5. Bwuk Bwuk bwuk!!! Welcome ChickenDice! You will find this community to be the greatest you have stumbled upon yet! Feel free to ask any questions or consider looking into the Empire Guide or exploring the Empire Wiki (I hear they got great information in those!).
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  6. Welcome to EMC!
    I hope you enjoy your stay!