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  1. Hello Good people of the Empire!

    My names Lashing, and I like to build cities and towns, I've been wondering, how far out into the wild do you have to go these days to get the new types of biomes? I mainly stay close to, I guess the only term for them is "spawn circles," but while I was exploring the live map I found not only amazing builds that I wish I could just teleport to and look around but that once people go a certain distance they start generating the new biomes. im also wondering if the new blocks will appear out there since as of late I've been using some of the newer ones. anyway if you know anything about any of this please let me know!

    also if anyone is looking to just go off into the wild with a group of settlers and start a new city on smp8 please let me know!


    p.s. who ever built this city on Smp8 need's a medal or something! I'd love to see it from the ground!

  2. Based on the coordinates, that seems to be a personal outpost.. And as such, you may want to edit the coordinates out of the image in case it is a private outpost, so that the griefers do not flock to it.. :oops:
  3. thanks for the tip, I should of known better. but its a really long way away
  4. That truely is an amazing place. There are still others to see as well. =] Thanks for sharing with ua and for removing the cords. =]

    Hmmm, sounds like a wonderful plan. Heading out into the wild frontiers to start a brand new town. =]
    Happy journeys to you and those who go with you. Maybe we'll get to see your beautiful builds some time. ;)
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