New Tekkit

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  1. Legend Has it that many months ago, I had a privately run tekkit server.

    That tekkit was renamed to Tekkit Classic to make room for the new tekkit which you could explore more, Build more... Build in space!!! Build on the moon!!! Go in rockets!! Travel to distant places!!!!

    I used to dislike Tekkit because EE was too overpowered but not anymore.

    Anyways What I wanna say it that I have a private Tekkit Server that is online:

    Weekdays: 3PM-11PM EST
    Weekends: 8AM-11PM EST

    It's kinda cool how tekkit is made, Everyone gets their own Space Station and you can invite people to your Space Station with /ssinvite and uninvite them with /ssuninvite

    That kinda is similar to the Res System but without flags but it's awesome since It's built into Tekkit.

    Anyways PM me for the details and also, In my previous Servers, I'm sorry if someone annoyed you.
    I've solved that problem.

    Also so far no item is banned.
  2. Tekkit is old news, Feed the beast is where it's at.
  3. ^^^^^^
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  4. No banned items? *prepares nukes*
  5. yay tekkit!
  6. No Nukes in New Tekkit, This is The NEW Tekkit. Also it's 1.5.1.

    True but The new Tekkit imo is better since it's balanced again and has Galactic Craft.