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  1. Thanks to the supporters, because of all of you the Empire is dominating Minecraft! Today we added two new supporter perks:

    Gold (and Diamond) - Can now customize the message that is displayed when players enter or leave your residence(s). The commands are /res message enter this is the message here - and - /res message leave this is the leave message

    Diamond - Can now use TNT everywhere, including Town! However to use it in Town you first have to enable it, click here to read more (only supporters can access the forum).

    We have more planned so look forward to future perks!
  2. Really good :) Idc about TNT i dont use it! :) But About the new message Set its awesome! keep it up Guys! ;)
  3. can moderators use tnt too? i am one partial to blast mining through pesky stone
  4. Hey Justin, These updates come as a great surprise to me :) Thanks for implementing them, I look forward to using them :)

    Also looking forward to the future updates :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

  5. Yeah, Keep it up! and bring more new factures to the server! :) ( to gold supporters! ) ahahah!!
  6. i think this is a great update
  7. Hey i know this is the wrong thread to write in, but I can't remember the right one. :(
    Anyways I couldn't pay this month of my diamond-support, cuz i have almost no money in my bank account. I can't remember how long time you get to pay again, at least i lost the diamond-support imideiatly and I don't want to lose my house on utopia.
    I will be able to pay on monday, hope that isn't too long. :/
  8. We actually have not put a system into place yet to remove Utopia residences from people that stop the diamond subscription. When we do it will probably be the same 10 days policy like the derelict policy. So don't worry you are safe :)
  9. Good, could we maybe also do so that we somehow could see how long time we had left before support stopped?
  10. It will show you on the Upgrades tab on top the site how long you have to go in your subscription :)
  11. Yeah i know that, but like before your utopia res is removed and stuff like that.
  12. Oh and another thing, I'd like to pay today and not on monday, so for doing that I have to use another persons credit card/ paypal whatever, since I don't have enough money on my account. But the person who's account I'm loaning would rather not be subscribed to every month on theyre account. Is it possible to only sign up for a month, or change the card/account used to pay every month, without paying when you change it?
  13. What you could do is deposit the right amount of money into your paypal account using the other persons card and then when you subscribe again it will be deducted from your paypal balance.

    This enables you to use another person credit card, but not have them tied up into a monthly payment :)

    Hope this helps :)
  14. The problem with this is that the money put on my account will first arrive on monday, and I want to pay today.
  15. hmm, you could just use the card then, like normal, and then once it has gone through, cancel the monthly recurrence :) Then at the end of the month use your credit card :)
  16. Worked great! thank you :)
  17. No worries mate, always happy to help :)
  18. You know you could just become a diamond supporter mah mah haha
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