New subway on smp4

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  1. Hi all,
    I have created a new powered subway to the northwest on smp4. Feel free to use. All I ask is:

    - Please do not mine the subway tunnel
    - bring your own cart. There may be community carts in chests at each end. If you take one, leave it at the other end.
    - please repair if you can. I will post repair chests at each end. If you have spare parts, feel free to donate.
    - treat it like it were your own.
    - take spare rails or plan on walking a long way.
    The coordinates near the wilderness:
    X -87.57210
    Z -353.67949

    The coordinates in the NW:
    X 1649.23505
    Z -789.95587


    the punks
  2. Moved this thread to community creations.

    Really nice work :)
  3. No offense, but in a week or maybe less, all your powered rails will most likely of been stolen.
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  4. I Went and can agree! It really is amazing
  5. Would you mind if me and my brother helped, like you know, daily repairing? And pimping it out.
  6. There was just a greifing accident
  7. And I caught him. Then I repairied it with my brother
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  8. Good Guy Diamond Viper
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  9. oh crap i mispelled grief :p
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  10. Thanks for the comments and thanks for the repairs and donations. Well done on the catch!
    I expected jerks and grief. What I didn't expect was the help. Thanks. I consider the subway to be public. Use as you like and pimp it out if you want. Enjoy
  11. I think Moderators should make sure people don't grief it that would be amazing :D
  12. It's going to really get griefed some day or another.
  13. Maybe it could be claimed once that becomes available to avoid griefing :)
  14. That'd be great! :D
  15. I saw it and it was surrounded by a lava wall
  16. Let's all just try and clean up the rail line when we see it's broken and try not to post about griefers!

    Really, fantastic job man, great to see people like you on here and IRL :)
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  17. What an amazing initiative! This is one of those things that you step back and think to yourself that... is... amazing! Really great job!
  18. smp4map.png I used to operate an extensive rail system near where your's is located. The white circles indicate visible entrances, whereas the purple circles indicate hidden entrances. Unfortunately, someone stole all the tracks (excluding a few near the north east station), and I have not rebuilt since. If you or anyone would like to replace the tracks, feel free. The tunnels are located about halfway between the surface and bedrock, and the main station was the southwestern white circle, beneath my old, similarly-griefed lighthouse.
  19. lol i found that ages ago got lost thinking it went back to spawn