[NEW STORY] "I'm right here!" - A synopsis of a new screenplay by yours truly!

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    After the death of the famous singer Benji’s girlfriend, the media went wild. Benji’s deceased girlfriend, Maiya Marx, was a famous model for the famous Sunshine Productions. A month later, during the fuss, a girl was born into a small-town poor family. 18 years later, the girl becomes an adult. Upon her birthday, dawned all of her previous life’s memories. She was none other than her favorite singer’s, Benji’s, girlfriend.

    In love with the same man as in her last life, Natalya Talent takes it upon herself to tell him who she really is. Although in a completely different age and body, she still tries to rise up the modeling world again to create a moment to meet Benji.

    As she gains popularity once again in the modeling world, as Natalya Talent, the time comes when she should meet her love through an invitation to a celebrity party. On the day of the party, she musters all of her courage to tell him. When she does, Benji takes offense and thinks of it as a bad joke. Refusing to hear her out, she is thrown out of the party. The media talks of her as evil and mean. Having this setback created all types of issues, including threats to her family. Because of the fuss, Natalya was kicked out of Sunshine Productions, the very company her past life’s self-created.

    Now at many disadvantages, and struggling with family issues and her own mind, she decides to write a song for Benji. It was about Maiya Marx’s and Ben Power’s very personal experiences, that happened before Natalya Talent was even born. The song is titled: “I’m right here!” When it becomes popular over the web, Ben Power, or Benji, takes notice.

    On the verge of giving up, Natalya Talent receives an email from Benji, himself. Within the email, there is an attached song. Responding to her love song with special memories, Benji writes his question within the song. The response song is titled: “Are you right here?” The next day, at a press conference with Benji, the subject arises about Natalya Talent’s remark that she is his long-lost love. He confesses that he believes her. He tells the whole world that they should believe her and that he loves her.

    Now on the same page, Natalya Talent and Ben Power meet up in person. When Natalya arrives at the fountain, Ben kneels before her. “I will not let you slip away from me ever again. Dear Natalya, you are you, but you are also Maiya Marx, my first love. This round, I am not only in love with Maiya, the memories within your current self, but I’m in love with Natalya, the girl who risked her future to express her love, no matter how unbelievable it may be.” While he kneels, he pulls out of his pocket a little box. He opens the box, and there is a ring. “Maiya, and Natalya, will you marry me?”

    Natalya’s eyes widen. Her joyful tears show. She then speaks with a voice of utmost happiness, “Of course! After all, I’m right here!”

    THE END!