New store (jobs also)

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  1. So me and thewizar2342 have been working on a new store for Smp1 that's just gonna sell some stuff
    at some extremely low prices and i wanted to know what we should add. If you would like to supply continue reading!

    RES: 2155

    100r donater: gets access to low donater floor
    500r gets access to low medium donater floor
    1000r donater: exclusive low prices on the donater floor
    10,000r donater: access to supreme donater floor

    items you can donate:
    PM me or Thewizar2342 for donating offers

    Eta for store opening 5-6 days after christmas

    We would also like to let you know that there are a few job slots that pay up to 700r (below)
    floor making: 300r
    wall making: 200r (open at only certain times)
    Other to be added.

    Thank you for donating wanting a job or just looking at this thread good luck to all and to all a good night/day!

    PS: for the pictures below discard the dirt it's scaffolding :) thank you

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