[new store] Help Co-Own?

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  1. Wanna help Co-Own my new store?
    What kinda store? Its a little store, selling potions, enchanted items and a few valuables [beacons diamonds etc].
    What would you do? Well, I need someone who can help stock shops, and own a few of the chest shops. Wanna apply? Well just comment below what you can do to help, and help build the shop. Thanks.
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  2. might be interested what server? also do you have access to xp farms for getting enchanted items?
  3. I have an outpost on Smp8, triple cave spider grinder. And it is on Smp7
  4. Hm....I operate on SMP 1 but I could really put in a helping hand. Im really good at the nether so we could stock blaze rods and ghast tears.....and I could own a couple of the shops myself. All after I sort out my false ban....
  5. Ok, ill see, cause someone is already helping me. But I might be able to work something out.
  6. Yay! Still sorting that false ban......Any help is apperciated!
  7. Oh, Hello. I am part of Void Inc. My Friend is Keldonhoff.