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  1. I am more new to the forums than to the site... but i am still kinda new to the server also.

    I have a slot machine on lot 1339 (wish i coulda got 1337)

    I have visited alot of servers and this one is very user involved, which attracted me instantly. I love the way Jusitn caters to the users. His multiworld system is very nice, and the economy is very smooth. So I didnt hesitate to become a supporter.

    i Like watching the server move and update like it does, even in the short time i have been here.

    hope i get to know you guys... if anyone wants to go on a little adventure in the wild or something let me know.
  2. Very happy to have you ISMOOCH :) glad you are enjoying the server!
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  3. I hope you are on the empire for many years to come! if you have any questions that are not ansered in the empire guide I will be glad to help always check the guide first
  4. :( I wish i can meet u.
  5. ...? what cant you?
  6. No im banned and i wish i can have a second chance. This has been my favorite server in history. And i am glad that u can enjoy it.
  7. Welcome ISMOOCH to EmpireMinecraft!
    I hope you enjoy your stay!
    And If SMP1 is full SMP2 would be glad to have you with us.
  8. Hey, Welcome to EM :) Nice to see that you already became a supporter, so i can say you already love the server.
  9. Welcome ISMOOCH! I hope you enjoy your stay on EMC (P.S. You should make comics about EMC!)
  10. 8 months old thread? :rolleyes:
  11. Why are we posting on this then?
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  12. Because frodo did
  13. Ah oh well!
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  14. This is cool, I love digging up old threads. They should be printed off, framed and put in the EMC history museum of chronic events.
  15. That's when I joined :)