New Smp9 Mega Mall

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  1. Hey Empire,

    I have opened a brand new Mega Mall, named the Militia Mall after the EMC Militia, on SMP9. It is located on residence 18750.
    The mall is 3 floors right now, and the 4th is under construction. I sell almost every item in the game for really good prices. I have a very large stock, so you don’t need to worry about not finding what you are looking for.
    The Militia Mall features public resources such as enchantment tables, anvils, and furnaces. There are also numerous ender chests located around the mall. In the lobby, I have set up teleports to other Militia Member’s residences that I hope all patrons will visit.
    I sell for very good prices. My key products and prices include:

    Diamonds- 53r each
    Stone/Stone Brick- 32r for 32
    All Colours of Wool- 16r for 10
    Sandstone- 64r for 32
    Quartz- 25r each
    Quartz Ore- 32r each
    Glowstone- 20r each

    I have over 80 items stocked, and more to come. Please note these prices are subject to change at any time.
    Thank you everybody and remember, 18750 for all your shopping needs!
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  2. Sounds awesome! Good luck with this! ^_^
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  3. Looks good
  4. thanks jacob. i know this mall is going to take off!
  5. If you have anything you want in the Mall and you don't see it in the Mall contact me, Napoleon and/or Marklea.
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