New SMP9 East Wild Map(Please read if you live in SMP9 East Wild...)

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Eadfrith, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Okay,so lately things have been going mad...
    I propose a new map to all in the East Wild.
    This will include drawing up New Borders,and the rule of "Only claiming where you have built,or plan to!".
    I can capture the pictures needed...
  2. I don't think anything is going mad.
    Each country has its own borders and they haven't been changed.
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  3. Of course everything's gone mad sort of!
    We've been fighting over Jungles,fighting over Land,fighting over loads of stuff...
    So we REALLY DO need to actually make a new map,which would reorganize the SMP9 East Wild,and not make us fight over Land...
  4. WE isn't the right word. All borders where settled and everyone was at a peaceful decision about it until you came and tried to set up a new outpost EXTREMELY CLOSE to already existing ones. That is just not polite. I suggest you move your outpost away a bit, so we can remain at peace, and you can have all the land you need.
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  5. Can someone PLEASE explain that we settled it with Rock yesterday mainly?
    And also,this really would help,it would also mean Wrem and Inzonio aren't totally blacked out,and with the new huge Eastern Republic on its way,we SERIOUSLY need a new map,because the current one looks quite ugly after having to remove all the borders and everything...
  6. It's not just Volt that you're intruding on. Oakville, Wrem, Inzonio, Oceania, Stonegaurd and Hyboria, as well as Pazzo, are all nation that you have begun to build very close to.
  7. We don't need a whole new thread, a PM or simply some posts in the original thread would work fine...
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  8. I was one of the original players at iSmooch's Pazzo and Pantano outposts. Once we started getting a lot of neighbors I stopped bothering going out there as much because of the grief the extra traffic caused. The final straw was a certain Nether project being messed up. People had mined around it and run a bunch of rails and passages through there making Entcount run out of control.

    We never signed on that I know of and borders or not, it killed us.
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  9. Attention:We are moving this to a Convo.
  10. please include me as I would like to see what is happening
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