New SMP3 Public Guardian and Squid Farm!

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Going to use the farm?

Yes! 16 vote(s) 69.6%
Maybe... 3 vote(s) 13.0%
No idea 1 vote(s) 4.3%
Probably not 1 vote(s) 4.3%
Nope 2 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. Hey EMC so a long while back a few friends of mind discovered an ocean temple very close to a spawn and decided to turn it into a public guardian farm. However after a while we all became less active and the project pretty much stopped. However after many hours put into working on the farm, I am happy to announce the farm is fully functional! I am still working on some aesthetic pieces for the farm and making it easier to use, but items will come in! So onto how to get to the farm and features!


    1. /wild w on smp3, straight forward, follow the sea lanterns!
    2. Follow that staircase to the bottom then follow signs to the collection area!
    1. The most obvious rule; No griefing or attempting to greif.
    2. Be respectful and limit yourself to allow other players to get materials.
    3. Please limit yourself to 2 locked chests at the most. If there is a need, I will expand to hold more chests. Any other chests are for public storage.
    4. Do not place/destroy any blocks without approval from Whatsthefoxsay1.
    5. Make sure you do not have frost walker boots on while walking near the farm, it could mess up the spawns.
    6. Enjoy the farm!
    I will use this thread to post updates about the farm as well as to answer questions about the farm anyone might have!

    - Beacons added
    - New rail collection system
    - Super Turkey Trapped
    - Blizz Trapped
    - Farm lag corrected, more efficient
    - Locked Chest room created, as well as land around the farm repaired as to look nicer
  3. Glad to see you finished this :eek: might have to use it myself sometime ^-^/
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  4. What wild outpost
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  5. Can u reserve for me?
  6. Update!

    New collection system in place! Lag reduced a bit, more improvements to come!
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  7. Bump! Farm now has a pet Turkey!
  8. Bump! Turkey has a friend now!
  9. Is this still in operation? I went and can't quite seem to figure out how it works lol
  10. Umm, I think that 1.13 will break this farm.
  11. 1.13 will most likely break the farm and I am not as active as I used to be so progress in repairing and updating will be slow
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  12. I just took a look at the farm and it looks like some of it is broken. the drops weren't getting picked up. but it looks good. i like the design. my farm isn't public any more but i have one on smp4. let me know if you want to come and take a look sometime
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  13. I'm out here now and the mob spawns are insane. Until auto-collection is figured out, I would say maybe break the glass out and put lanterns in the floor as well (Just need to walk around and collect items; similar to a guardian farm that was on smp1). I will be more than happy to help!
  14. This is very griefed, needs a lot of work
  15. Ugh I’ll take a look when I get back on, thanks for the heads up
  16. Been a while! Time for a small update post!

    Farm is well underway to being relatively lag free! Final steps are being completed this week and the closest free guardian farm will be complete!
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  17. Long overdue update:

    Farm lag has been corrected, back to peak efficiency and ready for players once again! Feel free to stop by!
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  18. Willit brake in 1. 13?
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  19. From what I've read, yes but I have also looked up a new item transporter so I will just have to build that instead when we update. In fact the new design I have in mind is even more efficient
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