NEW SMP1 Mega Mall Building Started

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  1. Hello
    I have just started building my mega mall.
    The mega mall is across two residences and is going to use over 30,000 blocks just for the shell.
    The design is going to be very simple, just stone bricks on the outside but a nicely decorated inside.
    Mega malls do not have to look amazing to be good.
    The mega mall will be altering 2000's prices by 10%. Eg. If an item was B 50:30 S in my mall it would be B 45:33 S
    I know its not the best way of doing it but I am not educated enough on the EMC Economy to make up my own.
    I am not looking to make much money from this, I think it will just be a helpful place to buy items and gain rupees from selling items for great prices.
    The building will take roughly 80k to build then I am going to need money to stock.
    I am not the richest on EMC, barely got 150k so I am going to need donations to make this possible.
    I am also accepting donations of time to help me build, pm me if interested.
    Donate 1r-5,000r = be awesome
    Donate 5,001r - 10,000r = be mentioned on a sign in the mall
    Donate 10,001r - 30,000r = be mentioned on a sign and have access to VIP roof dome
    Donate 30,001r-999,999 = be mentioned on a sign and have access to VIP rood dome and have a teleport to your residence
    Donate 1,000,000r + (very unlikely) = all of above + own a floor on the mall
    I am not expecting huge donations, but you never know :p
    Building should be finished in a week or so and then open for suppliers ONLY so get working on gathering items :p.
    Thanks for reading

    tedrocker - 10,001r Thanks!