New Smp1 Casino Rebuild!

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  1. Hello,
    As some people may know I currently own a casino on SMP1.
    The look of it all is pretty rubbish to be honest so that is why I am rebuilding it!
    The new design is not AMAZING but it is a nice build.

    The total resource list is:
    Sandstone: 10718
    Glass: 9715
    Glass Pane: 754
    Red Wool: 3632
    Black Wool: 844
    Silver Wool: 360
    Orange Wool: 2323
    Purple Wool: 1204
    Glowstone: 141
    This will cost aproxamately 65k for the structure excluding interior.
    I have not yet designed an interior.
    Any current donors of VIP will keep their access to even BIGGER and BETTER lounges.
    For this project I will need donations.
    Any donations over 3k will make you a donor and any donations over 6k will make you a VIP.
    If you would like to donate items start a pm with me on-line or in-game.
    I may need help with building, I may ask for it when I'm on-line
    Builders will also gain access to donor/VIP lounges.
    I hope this build to be finished early October.

    weeh666 - 5k
    andrewmatic - 6k
  2. This looks pretty sweet, I'd be happy to help (as I did with the other 2 <3) and donate some stuff :)
  3. Looks awesome. A new place to spend my millions in ;)
  4. Hi mini! Thanks!
  5. Or make millions??
  6. Sorry i cant go in, I'am not old enough hehe ;)
  7. hehe
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  8. Ill have a look later and see if its worthy of my rupees.

    Im taking it you have started...
  9. Yep, started and almost finished the building =D