New smp 2 outpost, yet to be named

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  1. so guys Torg123(created this), me, and g26curtis will be starting up a new smp2 wild outpost in a plains/forest biome near an ocean,

    we want you to join our democratic society,

    there will be no stealing or greifing

    you must obey emc rules

    all we want to know is if you would be willing to commit/help/choose a job, if you have been banned/kicked before, and why. This does not mean you will not get in if you have

    this is new and coming soon, so if you want to join an outpost and be part of its beginning please join us

    contact Torg123, and include me and g26curtis in a pm and we will talk about it

    its going to be awesome!!!!!

    here are the jobs
    • Miner (for cobblestone as well as coal/iron/redstone/diamonds and more)
    • Lumberjack
    • Farmer/gardener (tell me what you want to farm, including livestock)
    • Night Guard
    • Hunter
    • Explorer/mapper
    • Craftsman (turn materials into items)
    • Nether Explorer (for lava, quartz, glowstone and more)
    also you do not have to give up going to town, we are going to build a railway that gets you close enough to town, but is also hidden