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  1. I have a tendency to change skins a lot, but I need something more Official.

    Multiple, official actually :p

    Three skins, three winners (unless i like multiple from a submitter)

    Here's what I am looking for:



    (I know people do accents and tones, that is acceptable)

    Number 1!

    Mafioza Style
    Either a hat or headset
    Preferable black or at least mostly black

    Number 2!

    Purple Shoes
    White hoodie of some design
    Pants of any neutral color

    Number 3!

    Something Roman
    Could have a wreath, a cloak, sandals, those gold cuffs or w/e

    Winning Skins will receive:
    3500 rupees, and four diamonds
    Runner-ups within the 2nd and 3rd places for each skin will have
    1500 rupees split appropriately amongst them :)

    Contest will end when I have skins that I like :D

    And have fun making them! :)
    Also, let me know if any clarifications are needed
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  2. Sounds cool :) Sending 6k your way to increase the prize money ;)
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  3. Lol, thanks! Increasing then :)
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  4. I have sent you.... One thousand rupees.... *gasp*
  5. Thanks Equinox, I'll calculate that in when I get the chance :)
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  6. No problem. I might add more when I get the chance. :)