New skin for numbers

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by 820327, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Alright so i recently came up with the idea that i would need a new skin. basically i could make it my own but i want to do a small giveaway as well so why not have a friendly competition to take care of both. So i am looking for a skin that fits the same theme as my current skin but it needs to be different for example a steampunk/fantasy/wizard version it is all up to you guys what take on my skin you make. the winner which i will choose (will be based off of that alone not any specific player) will win a nice prize. that prize may be a diamond voucher it may be 300k, there may even be room for the top 2 or even 3 skins to win a prize i will just leave all that secret so everyone will have to wait and find out but the prizes will be well worth the time spent. So if you have any questions ask away and i will answer. ill give a deadline of 2 weeks as i am not in a hurry and so there will give plenty of time to all those players to enter in. as far as submitting the skin at the end of the 2 weeks ill post a meeting point for the players that made a skin for this competition to wear it and ill judge them. it may change where ill just have each player pm me with the skin though if noone wants to meet up at a specific location. post here as well if you plan on entering in. thanks