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  1. come to my new shop, adress is 10600. i have great deals and more will be available soon. please donate to get even better deals and be on the wall of fame!! my shop is located in smp5.
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  2. if anybody wants a job i might be able to hire u:)
  3. Welcome to EMC wacked! Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here.
    I might check out your shop.... :) is it on SMP5 right?
  4. yes it is i would appreciate if u donate to help stock the shop when im out
  5. i do not have to many things yet but slowly expanding
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  6. Good luck on the shop. :3
    I was small when I started out, but make sure to keep prices reasonable and be in stock, then focus on visual appeal and organization of items.
  7. ok thanks for tip i appreciate it. please donate to help out
  8. Dude its against the rules to advertise like this
  9. Also good luck on your shop whack. Hopefully yours will be successful and you will be able to make a good amount of money off it.
  10. Thankyou i appreciate your presences! :)
  11. Your signature is also advertising lol so whats the diffrence?
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  12. Ha lol! Feel free to... nothing
  13. Dude its a signature. I don't think there are rules againt ads in it and its againts the rules to do what he did. It even says it.
  14. Break it up break it up! :eek:
  15. Lol! i love that face! the :eek: 1