New Shop Opening Soon At 1770 On SMP1

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  1. Just Like To Let Everyone Know That A new Shop Is Opening Very Soon On SMP1 At 1770.
    A Shop SerialKicker has been working very very hard on to get done for weeks now maybe more. The Shop is in partnership of five owner's. serialkicker, MoeMacZap, TheKimber1911, TheMiniKins and myself. Opening day will be advertised on smp1 chat and most probley here so keep an ear out, we will most probley hold a giveaway on opening.
    Some basic items that will be sold here includes;
    Mined items (Ore, Stone, ect.)
    Enchanted items
    Logs and planks
    Potions and MobDrops, ect.

    Ive also taken some screen shots of the shop so far, keep in mind though thats its not 100% complete at this stage.

    The View From Front.


    Staircase to shops.

    Some Nice ArtWork By SerialKicker!

    EDIT: More screenshots

    Wool Shop

    The Owner, Builder and well everything of this project lol.

    No Confirmed date yet for opening but i feel it will be soon :)
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  2. Am I that small? And I have a 8 blocks high doors :confused:
  3. the screenshot makes you look like a little kid who just got caught doin somethin wrong lol
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