New shop opening at 13394

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm have a shop at 13394 but if you go there the shop has one problem you cant buy. Lol
    My shop won't be open for maybe a month but what the main idea for it is that I am restocking each chest to the max. Also I have one problem I was wondering what items people are interested BUT don't say diamonds because I love diamonds and rupees the same. Some items I may not sell because of difficulty or I don't supply. Another thing that will become introduced is that I will do an online order so you can write what you want I can deliver it to you but it will be later on.

    Any donations will help to get the shop up and running sooner.
    Thank you
  2. They love all enchetement stuff ;)
  3. So enchanted items may be a possibility I have a few picks, maybe they can be a special
  4. Like silky touch is usefull and good for money ;)
  5. Well silk touch is hard to get
  6. Thats true but make a farm grinder in wild helps alot for xp