New shop needs stock

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  1. Hey guys if anyone has diamonds ores no drops heads ext come to smp6 at 13020 and sell too me im a new shop donations are welcombe they help me finish the next floors also i need feed back and surjestions on my design thanks
  2. I like the building layout. Also, don't forget to cap your diamond chests and other chests with high sell prices, or you will find yourself with no money.
  3. What do you mean? Also thanks :)
  4. Ohh put dirt so i dont get too much stuff?
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  5. Ok will do mate gunna get a beacon soon but i have no cash atm can't even do other floors yet lol
  6. Yes, especially with diamonds.
  7. Thanks is mate did you sell to me?
  8. Nope, I went to look around.
  9. Ok thanks for the advise mate. If you have anything to sell please come to me :D
  10. So ca. People please come to y shop and sell me things but not too much because i only have 3k
  11. Want me to sell you some spelling and some grammar? :p
  12. *Obnoxious laugh* lol im on my iphone i can't type properly :(
  13. Anyway can you sell me some thing ??
  14. I can sell you a beacon or 2 for 12 k a piece.
  15. I only have 3 k you can donate me one lol :p
  16. Booe do you live in Worthing?
  17. Can you sell me any diamonds? Or any ores but not too many
  18. Just a friendly reminder that you can use the edit button to add more info to your posts or fix mistakes.

    I will try to get to your shop and check it out.
  19. No. I live in Milwaukee. :confused: