New Shop: Discount Tools and Lumber now open at 1786 smp1.

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  1. We are located at 1786 on smp1.
    We guarantee the cheapest prices in the empire.
    we have the following selection of goods available

    iron pickaxe $15.00
    iron axe $15.00
    iron sword $12.00
    Iron shovel $10.00

    all stone tools for $3.00
    flint and steel $6.00
    Shears $6.00
    buckets $12.00
    Cauldron $25.00
    oak planks 10 for $5.00
    oak leaves 10 for $5.00

    new items coming soon as well as a showroom for Redstone machines witch will be a special order. thanks for your time.:)
  2. Instead of dollars, you should use rupees :p