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  1. Hello!
    I have started to make (and hopefully finish today) a market on SMP1!
    It sells all the useful stuff you will need for very cheap!
    The list of stalls are:
    Bob's Butchers - Meat - Bob The Butcher
    Larry's Logs And Planks - Logs And Planks - Larry The Lumberjack
    Woody's Wooden Items - Wood Items - Woody The Wood Worker
    Patty's Pets - Animals - Patty The Pet Petter
    Reymond's Redtone - Redstone - Reymond The Redstoner
    Marvin's Magic - Enchanted - Magician Marvin
    Colin's Cauldron - Potions - Colin The Witch
    Vivian's Valuables - Ores/Gems/Ingots - Valuable Vivian
    Winnie's Wool - Wool - Winnie The Wool Weaver
    Daniel's Dyes - Dyes - Daniel The Dye Guy
    Sam's Stone - Stone/Sandstone/Cobblestone - Sammy The Stonecutter
    Susan's Saplings And Seeds - Saplings And Seeds - Susan The Seed Collector
    Danny's Drops - Mob Drops - Mod Drop Danny
    Trevor's Travel Shop - Minecarts/Rails - Mike The Minecart
    Yan's Utilitlies - Utilities - Utilized Yan
    Daisy's Disks - Disks - Daisy The DJ
    Ned's Nether - Nether Items - Know The Nether Ned
    Brian's Building Blocks - Building Blocks - Brian The Builder
    Bella's Bakery - Bakery Items - Bella The Baker
    Fabian's Farming - Farm Items - Fabian The Farming
    For this project I need a few small donations, so if you would like to donate just type...
    /r pay wipple5 <donation amount>
  2. What server is this on?
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