[New Shop] 6072 The new mini,soon to be medium mall mall!

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  1. Come on over to res 6072 on smp3! There was my "ladies and gentlemen" voice :p. But in all seriousness, we have a new smallish mall that is currently selling all raw crops for 1 to less than 1 rupees. We will soon be selling iron, gold emeralds. These of course will be discounted but more than 1r due to supply and demand. Come on over to Smp 3 and help the economy. Heres a screenshot of what we have so far: 2013-10-18_19.49.36.png . And also follow the black carpet and birch planks to the wool building Thanks! Oh, and also the wool IS symetrical...
  2. Also we have much more than whats in the screen shot!:D
  3. Perhaps add signs for buying in stacks instead of by the 1-2-3's :)

    I'll check it out later though :)
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. The next two shop levels(ore and block shops) are currently under construction, should be finished bye 10/26!
    (we are also working on getting enough stock to sell by the stack, I know how frustrating it is to click a sign 20 times :p)
  6. Bumpity, BTW there is now a video about the empire going int a different thread.