New servers?

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  1. Can you please add a couple more servers. There are way to many people on. I can't get on and I am about to loose my plot because the servers are so full. I sit down for an hour each day doing nothing but trying to get on the server, and it hasn't happened yet. Also, I don't have any money to pay, so don't answer this with "Just Upgrade". I am getting really tired of waiting. Please respond quickly.
  2. I think there are enough servers already... Even the totally awesome computer that runs EM has limits.
  3. We are getting close to smp4.

    Also if you want to reset the 10 day countdown join it counts as a sign-in and resets it :) it is never full :)
  4. You should also call by 5002 and check out mr2r2m's massive rubiks cube, it is worth the look :)
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  5. When will the countdown start? :eek:! [look at inbox]
  6. The 10 day derelict policy starts the count from the moment you disconnected from your last session.
  7. How can i remove your confusion creeper, what would you like to know?

    If you talking about smp4 countdown, no exact time, but definately coming very soon :)
  8. what do you mean by the last session?
  9. He mean. when you disconnect. Countdown start. when you login to any server. It reset.
  10. do we will be disconnected from all servers for a couple days? or like a couple mins or 2?
  11. A countdown has been placed on the home page for the launch of smp4 :)
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  12. Oh my, another server so soon! Wow!

    Welldone and thanks to you Justin and youJeremy; all your hard work is greatly appreciated by me :)

    And a big thanks goes to all you supporters out there! Without you, there wouldn't even be smp2. smp3 and new players would not get to experience this greatness! You guys are awesome! EmpireMinecraft is fast becoming one of, if not the greatest Minecraft servers of all time :)

    I look forward to being apart of what the Empire is becoming!

    Also thanks to all the staff out there:

    Without your constant rule enforcing and good judgemental decisions the server would not be where it is today, So thank you :)

    Gob bless you all,

    Have a very Merry Christmas :)
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  13. I'm sorry, but my OCD requires I correct your colors..

    Senior Moderator - 55FF55

    Moderator - 00AA00


    Not to be mean or anything, if it seems like I am being mean or anything.
    I just need things to be absolutely perfect to maintain a healthy mental state. :p
  14. You know the funny thing is I was expecting you to say that as I knew the colours were wrong XD Anyway, there ya go, I changed em for you :)
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  15. You are a saint.
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  16. You know whats great, since being around you I actually have learnt a few things like the code for adding colours XD

    [COLOR=#] add text here[/COLOR]
  17. add text here

    Administrator Purple. - AA00AA
  18. I believe I have had it right all along :)
  19. Just demonstrating how the colors in MC translate to BBCode. :)