New Server suggestion : Being able to get back to town... quickly

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  1. I have Not seen or heard of a way to to get from the Wild or The nether quickly with out having to backtrack and getting lost . so what i was thinking was a way to get back quicker ,like a command or like the residence sign that teleport you form one place to another. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shall We say... this man has the Ideas
  2. You can use the live map, or go to the 500 block radius ( I think its that big) safe zone and you can tele back from that.
  3. One sec my dear Watson........
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    Because it takes away from the Vanilla feel of EMC and take away the "risk" element of going to the Wild in the first place.
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  4. if you use the live map you will never get lost also there have been threads about similar ideas on the subject and i can tell you that this will never be implemented also when you see enter safe zone you can already tp back to town
  5. Use the live map, really. You could also just mark the coords for your starting point and make your way back after your expedition.
  6. How about no.....
  7. Don't forget you can always use Rei's minimap mod, and set waypoints for your regular locations. :)
    As far as backtracking goes, remember EMC is vanilla SMP server for the most part. If there was a way to fast-travel in the wilderness it would remove a large part of the survival aspect from the game, and we could all just tuck tail and teleport back to town at first sign of a charged creeper. :p

    That being said, it isn't completely unfeasible that at some stage there may be a supporter perk to help expedite travel from town to a wild base/outpost. It may likely be a one-way thing though, so it may allow fast travel to the outpost, or back, but not both. :)
  8. i would like the idea of being able to teleport to the a way point you have set from town but not being able to use it in the wild if that was a perk i would defiantly become a diamond supporter
  9. I wasn't going to mention that, but now that you've opened up the can I'll just add this:

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  10. The wild is vanilla, if we allowed this, it would become strawberry.
    *insert tantrum here*
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  13. this "risk" element is what makes people sit around all the time in town, to scared to enter the wild/nether.
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  14. im a personal fan of Cookies 'n' Cream :)
  15. amarcone dream+me=nom nom nom
  16. Im not scared of going into the wild or nether i was just expressing my thoughts
  17. Thanks for the suggestion although at the moment i cant download Mods but im close to it :/

  18. PM me if you need any help :)
  19. But at the same time, the game itself is designed to be risky. EMC simply provided a place where risk is removed from the equation, while still leaving the riskier areas. If you're too 'scared' to venture out of town, you don't have to.
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