[NEW SERIES] EMC Survival W/Trevor

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  2. Episode 2 is going up in just a little bit :)
  3. Uploading postponed. Bad internet sorry guys:(
  4. Hey guys gonna try and put up episode 2 tonight at some point
  5. Oooh, checking this out now :)
  6. Cool thx chickeneer! :D
  7. What do you guys think of the series so far? Anything i can improve on or any suggestions?
  8. Nice start. Some portions are a little slow and I found myself getting bored. I like the informative bits, like when you explained the Play Your Way settings. You might consider doing editing, but I know that can be time consuming.

    The sound volume was much lower on Episode 2. I don't know what you need to do on your recording software / Minecraft to keep that consistent, but that can be important if people are watching Episodes is succession.

    The episode length is good. In my opinion 15-20 mins works well.

    One thing I notice in other Let's Play video series is an intro and a conclusion. Introduce the episode with some specifics about what you are going to do throughout the video. If you're not sure, maybe record the episode and then go back and record your intro afterwards. Then conclude with a few parting words instead of your video just cutting off.... "I cannot find any cows or any pigs..."

    You asked about frame-rate. It seemed fine to me. I'm usually running at about half of what you were so seems smooth compared to my gameplay :)

    You may also want to identify which SMP server you're playing on, in case you have someone watching who's not familiar with EMC. If you did mention, I must have missed it.

    That's all I can think of right now. I hope my feedback has been helpful.
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  9. I need to be on these episodes :0
  10. Thank you mead for all of the constructive feedback i will work on it! :-P
  11. Your in episode 2 and 3 :p
  12. Yay :3 for some reason I'm never online when yo are anymore >_<
  13. Summer gives me weird times to get on ;)
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  14. Hey everyone sorry for the lack of content. Ive been out of town. Im back now and hope to have episode 5 out as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding :p