New Screenshots thread!

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  1. Not wanting to revive the one from January, i am making my own.
    Just post screenshots you like on here and let everyone see how awesome EMC is :D
    Please do not spam this thread with a bajillion pictures of you just standing there though........
    I will start us off :D

    CommonSense_ in his Slender skin and I :D
    I had one with a girl who he was chasing but i dont know where it went >_< Fullscreen capture 3232013 114724 PM.jpg
    I have never seen someone with a Slender skin before believe it or not.....
  2. I finally got one of myself with JustinGuy. I cut it down cause some kid was BAWWWWing in chat that he didn't get anything at the drop party.
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    I made the mistake of showing Brit this thing on Reddit where someone's friend trolled them this way. Logged in to find every tree on my res like this.
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    Flying squid that Sonicol1 and I saw. It flew up out of the water and through the sky past spawn.
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  3. I found Bigfoot!
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  4. I gave Dwight's Fairy Fountain some Fairies :3
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    Sun Streak Islands With MBA2012

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    Jimbo Town LLO - Train Station
    (Chunky Rendered)

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    Jakres Works His Wounders In Jimbotown.
    After Working Hard He Is Showing His Work!
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  6. Just a picture of a house I built.
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  7. Your profile picture is hilarious XD
    My god i have spread ponies everywhere......YES HAHAHAHAHA
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  8. Was checking out my Temple of Time with new Texture pack Sqiggleyjeff told me about
    Checking out the night sky and Heyaroo's house