New Residential Upgrade - Bug/Suggestion

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CallMeTom, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    After experimenting with the new sign command of allowing players to have access to objects I came across a "bug" that I would love to see fixed.

    Basically, the only way of allowing access is to put the sign above the object.

    Is it possible to enable the signs to work in other places?

    For example:

    This would be great if it's possible because then we can hide our signs... :D

  2. I think the sign having to be on top would mess with the gates wouldnt it? where they are only one block high and with a block on top for others to use they cant go through the gate when its opened
  3. Nice suggestion :) I did have a reason for doing it this way. Having the sign only work above an item is a lot easier on the systems, as it only has to check one block. If we supported under or next to you are already at checking 6 blocks for every door open/chest use/ etc on the entire server. The other reason is that it is very clear what you are giving access to. Say you had a chest for "everyone" and on the other side of a wall put a private chest, not knowing the everyone sign was going to effect it. Or say you wanted to put two furnaces or any other item side by side and different access to them, how would it know what sign to us out of all of them? Or maybe you gave access to BobTheBuilder to use a chest underground and all the sudden it is effecting a door above ground.

    I am not saying it is not possible to find a way to add more support to this feature, I was just pointing out my reasoning for doing it the way I did. I can look into it a little further :) Maybe adding "under" support would be possible.
  4. I'd like to have the option of putting it under :D!
  5. Done some more tests regarding soulwalk3r's post.

    Fences are pretty much pointless as the sign/block blocks your path.

    I also tried the sign on a higher block but this does not work.

  6. Take my project for example.

    This would be a real eye sore if I was to put a block above the lever with a sign on it, wouldn't you agree?

    My suggestion to reduce this from happening is that you could implement Block ID's into it.

    324 being the ID for a Wooden Door.
  7. @CallMeTom i think that is the best idea if under isn't possible...
  8. if given a choice i would rather have the "script" sign below and for chests you can just add a "visual" sign above it
  9. I have an idea as to how this could work...

    Instead of searching every block, it can search the sign for a parameter which would then search a block. (This probably won't work. I don't code stuff.)
    • The normal [access] can be used on signs directly above.
    • The [downaccess] can be used on signs 2 blocks above.
    • The [upaccess] can be used on signs 1-2 below.
    • The [leftaccess] can be used on signs 1-2 to the left.
    • The [rightaccess] can be used on signs 1-2 to the right.

      That way the server doesn't have to waste time checking every block. Only the blocks said player wants the server to check.