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  1. Hello all! 'Tis me, t6ler!
    Now few might know about my residence being reclaimed
    Due to inactivity (It was a very old residence. I was the original owner)
    So I started almost fresh, with nothing but money and time (and anything that was in my inv)
    And this is the result so far.
    About a month of gameplay on and off,
    And a whole lot of builder's block. 2013-05-15_18.42.17.png
    My little shop (mainly surplus, as I'm not too big of a fan of shops unless I need them)

    Storage building

    My prized 60k sword, on display in a high security case

    2013-05-15_18.43.22.png 2013-05-15_18.43.35.png
    My castle-type tower, with nothing but a makeshift dirt staircase in it. Still has to be furnished.

    Res "spawn", where you end up at first when visiting

    That's really all. If you would like to pay me a visit, feel free to using either /v t6ler or /v 646 :)

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  2. That is amazing.