[NEW] Rainbow Mall! Great Prices! [smp1]

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  1. Do you reside on or visit SMP1?
    Have some shopping to do?
    Visit HeIusion at /v 1258 for the

    Rainbow Mall!

    We strive to fill your every need, from wool, to ores, and even spawn eggs!
    We compare prices throughout competitor's stores to ensure the best pricing for you!
    We are still under construction, so please be patient as we work our "tails" off to bring you as many items as possible!

    We hope to see you soon at /v 1258, the Rainbow Mall!
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  2. SILVERMAN2 and I already made a rainbow shop at 1933. You should see that shop.
  3. Funny, you never said anything when you came to my shop. Coincidence?
  4. How do you know I went to your shop? I didn't even use this account to do it.
  5. Because I saw you. and I saw this account on my res.
  6. I was in the Wastelands when I saw that post, and I'm still in the Wastelands now.
  7. It wasn't at that very moment.
  8. Um...
    Oh snap...?
  9. I never visited that mall with my main account. I don't know what you might have seen, but I haven't been in Town for 4 days.
  10. It was on one of the first days I had the shop. Which was longer than 4 days ago. But ok. If you want to keep arguing the point, I'll just agree to disagree. But I know what I saw.
  11. I'm just saying, I've never personally been there on my main account, so the only way you could have seen me there is if somebody else used my account and went there.
  12. If you're wondering, I have had the Rainbow Inc. mini shop for about half a year. I've had the advertisement in my signature for a long time, I meant to make a banner for it, but never got around to it, so I removed the advertisement.
    I never stock it anyway because I'm always too busy with other stuff. Good luck with your shop! :D
  13. Ok Thanks Silverman.
  14. J & J suppliers ..catchy name
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