New Rail to Shulker Reactor

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  1. New rail system to access Shulker Reaktor is completed!
    For Those of you that've purchased a pass you'll be aware of one of the greatest farms to come to EMC...
    THE SHULKER REAKTOR. While that great endeavor goes to Prog/Dras/Card I've added a aesthetically pleasing rail system on BOTH sides of the end island portal to make getting there safer.

    ...yeah that actually sums it up real well, but the pictures do it some more justice.
  2. Just went and saw it and it looks amazing! I love the water on each side of the rails, job well done Grimm it's amazing!
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  3. Thanks Tbird, tried to make it a bit different than what everybody else is doing. It was orig going to be 100% underwater with flooded rails but I didn't like the slower speed.