New promos(2)

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  1. /promo newyears13
    /promo dirt
  2. Why /promo dirt?
  3. We were discussing the New Year's promo on SMP1 when it was released, and I jokingly suggested to Aikar to have a useless promo for dirt.... and a few minutes later there it was :D
  4. Thanks for killing teh fun.. The dirt was a "easter egg" (only people who noticed it should get it) but oh well..
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  5. At the same time right after I spent 10k multiple times on the 2013 fireworks, he went ahead and said that he'd make them 10k in /shop. After about 30 seconds of convincing (yelling was involved..) I made him do 20k instead lol.
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  6. It's dirt! Don't worry!
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  7. And anyone with some dirt, anvil and some XP can also get it :rolleyes:
    But yes, secret... :p
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