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Would you reccomend the Promo Shop to others?

Yes 4 vote(s) 57.1%
No 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Hello All, Recently i have been collecting lots of promos, and i want to continue collecting more promos, sooo...
    I have created a shop just for promos, everything is buy/sell, but the sell prices are low as i dont want to pay much.
    Also i have noticed not many people buy Dragon stone/Fragments so i will buy them until i have a DC full or when i run out of money.
    Anyway this is an alert for anyone who wants to earn some quick cash of their promos.
    The shop is located on utopia (/utopia) at 5744
    Please know this is a place for anyone to go and get some money, besides, my collection will grow, or you can make your own collection!
    Questions or concerns? Contact me PupInAction through a book and mail, or in game when i am online. Thanks!
    Promos currently being sold/bought-

    EMC Mobs-Marlix/Momentus
    Marlix Helmet, Marlix Chestplate, Marlix Leggings, Marlix Boots, Marlix Bow, Momentus Sword, Momentus Helmet, Shiny Arrow, Shiny Flesh

    Vouchers-Regular/ Supporter
    Vault Vouchers, Stable Vouchers, Iron Supporter Vouchers, Gold Supporter Vouchers, Diamond Supporter Vouchers

    300K Items-Tools/Armor
    Scooooba Masks, Potato Plates, Bionic Pants, Bubble Boots, Mineral Mincer, Chicken Skewer, Shear Madness, Sharpshooter

    EMC Holiday Items
    Halloween-Headless Horseman Axe, Headless Horseman Mask, Haunted Candy
    Valentines- Cupids Bow, Cupids Arrow
    Christmas- Dasher, Avalauncher
    Thanksgiving- Cooked Turkey, Feast for a King
    Labor Day- Labor bench 2015

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    Profits are low, maybe it isnt working out so well, well check it out. Lots of cheap and great promos!
  3. I might be interested! what kinds of things are you selling? I am looking for:
    pot of gold
    might be interested in:
    any fire works
    eggcelent wand
    (anything else?)
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    Sorry Currently out of a few promos due to lack of stock. I will do my best to increase my shop's stock although doing it with 28r might be tricky xD
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    Psst, guys I wont be able to keep up the promo shop if all thats happening is me buying promos, I think I may be the only one who buys drag frags, and i dont mind the spam, but no one has bought anything (Sept for Flareoninaction which i think may be out of sympathy) but if there is anything that I can do to improve my shop, just tell me whether by PM, Thread, In-Game, or any other means.
  6. I will surely check it out as I am looking to expand my "small but valuable" collection of promos. :p
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  8. Maybe add a list of the current promos for sale? (To the thread that is)
  9. If you added a list, I would be more likley to view as a customer.
  10. Hello, I am shutting down the shop because I am not good with prices, the promo shop has not been helping me in any way, just getting my a lot of frags and stones that are useless to me, I haven't sold even 1 thing from it.
  11. I haven't had any rupees for the longest time and the moment I need them I cant get any, sorry to say but this shopis no longer a money house for those of you who use it for that. Its cost me over 1 million in rupees and is just a waste of my time, effort, and money.