New Promo Shop!

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Just wanted to let everyone in the community know about my new 'small' promo shop at 8750 on SMP4!

    This thread will be used to promote the store, take feedback on things like prices, designs and suggestions in general. It will also contain the latest news on the store including the latest deals and general changes to the store.

    And finally, if you would like a certain promo that my store does not currently stock please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to obtain it for you.

    Current Stock :Vault Voucher(s), Dragon Stone, EMC New Years Firework 2012, Meteor Bow.
  2. News

    Temporarily closed for renovations.

    A new design is currently being drafted and will be ready for building in hopefully within the week. 20th December - 27th December.

    Stock is at an all time low and I am looking to purchase more promos, please PM me for more info.
  3. If you need promos, i have some to sell :)