New Promo Museum On Smp2 Needing Donation's

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roman719, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I just recently made a brand new museum for the EMC Community. We a highly desperate for rupees,rares, and promotional items, all the donations we get will go toward the museum.

    How to donate?:
    If you want to make a rupee donation just pay Roman719 the amount and send me a message in the mail about how much you donated.
    If you want to donate a rare there is a donation hopper on location its just you cannot donate Soul Bound items to the hopper.
    If you want to donate a Soul Bound item then just mail it to Roman719.

    It may sound as if I am begging but the intention is for the EMC Community.
    Residence: 4128
    Server: SMP2
  2. I'll see if i have any spare promos when i get on :)
  3. I think there's already plenty of strictly promo museums on EMC, perhaps find something to show that we don't have? Maybe if you have some super rare, or if you have really fast horses, etc. I'm sure people would be interested :)