New Project needs your help

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  1. So i have decided to begin construction of a new building, this building will require supplies that i am hard pressed to get. I am going to need stone and stone bricks. The idea is from a map i downloaded and like the building so much i think everyone should be able to enjoy it. I do not have any pictures yet but will update on this thread when i start making headway. so i have set up a buying shop for the materials.

    50r for 64 stone
    100r for 64 stone brick.

    I may run out of money but this is the price for this project.

    I will accept donations to aid in this build and will let people know in my skyscraper.

    If you donate enough supplies to build an entire floor, that level will be named for you and even have a goodie chest on it for you.
  2. ok, so i have images but they are too large i guess so can someone give me a hint as to how to fix this?
  3. compress them in a simple image editing program
  4. Upload to imgur and link them?
  5. whats to come.png where i am.png
    The top picture is what i am building, the bottom picture is where i was when i took the pic. i am farther along now and it looks really cool
  6. looks great =D glad you figured out the picture posting...
  7. lol you should see it now, i am up a few levels
  8. I recognise that, the second survival games map isn't it?
  9. yeah, and i repaired the map version so now im building it all for everyone to enjoy
  10. I will be getting you some Stonebricks - not today - but I won't charge your full price. We can discuss it later :)
  11. and now.png
    And i am now out of stone brick, i wish i could get a shot of this in the air but this will have to do.
    Might end up tearing up my other building for supplies. and yes im out of rupees cause i buy lots of brick, stone, and cobble
  12. That much for 1 stack of stone bricks? I need to go silk mining.
  13. if i had the rupees yes its worth it
  14. air shot.png
    finally got an air shot thanks to Crazy1080 for the idea
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  15. Why charge 100r for stone bricks if stone is only 50r, you put 4 stocks of stone and you get 4 stocks of stone bricks
  16. yeah i put those up at different times, forgot to take the stone one down, will next time im on
  17. its annoying when i get a message from another player saying that he found a guy that sells stone bricks for 40r a stack and that he is buying them all just to sell them to me cause i pay 100r per stack. I would think that more people would be helping me with this build rather than gloating about how they are exploiting my needs. Just sayin
  18. That's how it works dude, if you really wanted help from people you should had lowered the price you are buying for. :)
  19. I would like to donate stone bricks to you. where shall i bring them? i don't want any money for them.
  20. z_-10_70.png done.png
    the top is an image from the live map. the bottom is showing that i am done, the whole thing is done, lighting is going to be torches and i wish i could fly back to the top and place a redstone torch to keep those planes away. Thanks for the interest folks. :)