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  1. Tell me what you think, any changes? Let me know.

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  2. Ugh, I don't like it :|
  3. What do you not like about it
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  4. I never really liked avatars with too much to look at or multiple lines of text, (Except certain memes.) but it looks cool enough. I would however, raise the text up more towards the center because it's a tad too low.
  5. The text is centered :D Photoshop measured it for me :D
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  6. The colors, having those letters...
    I suggest changing that font, the combination of colors and the structure of the image. If it is supposed to be a logo, it should be round, like that one in your sig.
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  7. I meant vertically, friend. :)
  8. Vertical text? Um
  9. The Logo Is for my gaming channel, which took a while to make the profile I did in about 5 mins, I could do better.
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  10. As in raising it vertically.
  11. Feel free to use or modify
  12. Yeah Ikr
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  14. Like this one?

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  15. Looks good, it's always nice having your own special little profile pic :)

  16. Why is everyone suddenly a Panda? I was a panda before it was cool.
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  17. Nope, that's just some messy photoshop...
    You started it. You can be proud. But now it's time for me to start the smiles trend.
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