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Amd or Intel

Amd 6 vote(s) 33.3%
Intel 12 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Hallo everyone so i decided to get a axolotl instead of a new computer but i talked it over with my mom and dad and i can get a processor under 300$. I cant really find one that's good and isn't over 300 dollars so i'm here to ask for your help in finding a processor that i could use. I would prefer Amd but i haven't really found a up to date mobile processor from them.
  2. i Prefer AMD. when i looked for a laptop, i found it better than intel.
  3. AMD is at a good price...
    It depends on what you want I guess
  4. For 140 USD I got :
    AMD Athlon dual core 200gb hard drive 4gb ram 3GHZ Radeon 9000 Grafic card.
  5. What are the frame rates you get while playing mc?
  6. Are you replacing a processor? Or getting a new laptop?
  7. Replacing a processor
  8. Well then you will need to get the brand you currently have. So AMD or Intel?
  9. We need to know you're processor make and Model unless you want to buy a new motherboard too.
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  10. i7 3770k is if you are a serious gamer and play loads of games on your PC
    AMD 8150/8170 if you want to play games but don't want to pay allot.

    Most i7's are better than the 8150/8150 BUT they are quite a bit more in price, so depending on what you have to spend and use your PC for go with what ever card you want.
    But to be fair you'll want to go with an i7 because that means you won't have to replace your Motherboard, Also if your changing because of FPS being low that's normally caused by the GPU not the CPU. so you might want to get a new one of those instead.

    So if I was you I would go for an i7 3770k only because it will save buying a new Motherboard.. and you wont have to replace it for some time.

    Hopefully this helps :)

    EDIT: just read it has to be under $300 for that you will get more bang for buck with AMD so Id go with an AMD FX 8150 with a MSI 760GM-P23 Motherboard (or any, Given that it fits AM3+ motherboards).
  11. Unless you're hardcore video editing then you don't need more then an I5, I7's will give you a 1 - 2 fps difference in games. Save the money and buy a better GPU (7970 instead of a 7950 will make alot more of a difference)
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  12. To those above me:p
  13. haha I have 7970 :3 Vapour-X OC
  14. oh sugar. :/
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  15. I'm still rocking an 6850, Does me good - yet to find a game it can't run + I can OC the heck out of it if it's starts running out of umph
  16. Im debating between a GTX 680 superclocked, EVGA signature 2. Or a version of the 7970. Now, if i knew i would overclock, i would go with the 7970. But i feel like at the point where i need to overclock, i will already have bought a new desktop:p
  17. haha nah I did go over kill with mine but I just wanted to piss my mates off XD