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  1. Hello freinds! iam a very new player i have a shop that sells wood products plus cobblestone!
  2. Welcome to the Empire :)
  3. Welcome welcome!
  4. Welcome to the EMPIRE :)
    Have fun
  5. [Edit] is there for a reason. :)
  6. Haha, good to know
  7. So use it.
  8. To make the thread look cleaner. Please edit it.
  9. Challenge Accepted
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  10. You forgot to attach this

    :D :D :D
  11. lmao

    Anyway welcome pokemon hater! To the greatest MC server on the net.
  12. Challnge accomplished? Anyways I hope you enjoy your time on the Empire :D
  13. Yes, quite. Thank you nnnnmc1 for driving the point home
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