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  1. Hey new here. I checked through the 'already suggested' topic and didn't see what I was thinking of, so here we go.

    I've only been playing this server for 2 days now, and I have been very happy with everything that I have seen, even to the point that I have donated already. However I have seen one pretty major flaw in how new players are handled that effects the rest of the active community.

    When a new player joins they are automatically given a plot of land, I understand why this is in place it makes it easier for new players. The problem with this is even people getting on just to check it out, or maybe the server isn't for them or they don't understand the concept will log after a few minutes of being online. Whatever Res they were assigned is now unusable for 30 days even though you can clearly tell they aren't coming back.

    It took a friend and I over an hour to find 2 res right next to each other yesterday (before we knew of the live map so kind of our fault but also new players like us wouldn't know right away). During that time I can't tell you how many plots we came across that were just the chest and signs in an empty plot but it won't open up for 15 days or something. That means for half a month those plots are just wasting away and active players who actually do play can't get a hold of them.

    So now on to the actual suggestions:
    1) If a new player logs in then logs out for 24 hours+ without getting back on and had never made major changes to the plot (X amount placed / X amount broken), it should be reset and become available again. If that player happens to get on again after the fact, treat them as a completely new player and set them up with a new Res for a second go at it.

    2) Different levels of timed protection. Basic players have 15 days instead of 30, up to Diamond Supports that have 30 days of protection. 30 days is unneeded to start with, even if you were to go on vacation it wouldn't be more then a week. However, setting default ranks to 15 days basically makes it so if they get on and build a house or something enough to trigger the saving of the res, but then logout and never get back on, it won't rot away for a full month. New players = new marriage feeling, if they like it they will be active as hell, if they don't they never get back on.

    TLDR; There is no point in giving a new player 30 days to get back on after playing less then an hour and/or building nothing. That land is wasted for no reason and could be used by another new player or an active member that would actually put it to use.

    Thanks, and hope this helps. :)
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  2. I believe there is now a modified derelict system that opens up residences owned by players who joined for a few minutes, but never returned.

    You'll have to get official confirmation on this though.
  3. 10 Days :)
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  4. Yes,I think it's 10 days for players who join and then leave straight away...
    EDIT: RainbowChin beat me to it...
  5. Well I still kind of feel like 10 days is to long. When you get on a server you know pretty quickly if the server is something you are going to like. Or if you are unsure? You continue to play a bit. There is no situation where a player is like "Hmm let me log off for a few days and think about it"

    If a player logs off after less then 30 minutes of playing, they are never coming back, especially if they never placed a single block. Maybe 24 hours is to short something like 72 hours would be more fitting. But multiple weeks like how it is now is just wishful thinking, but it negatively effects the active player base in my opinion.
  6. I am intending to make it a more 'progressive' system.

    So only played those first few mins? reclaim after a day.

    Only played for that first day? Reclaim after 5 days, only played for 2 days, then reclaim at 10 days, and once you pass 5 days, then give you the full 30 days.

    In game derelict currently does not 'line up' with the system derelict though.
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  7. That system sounds much better! I look forward to it. :)
  8. I agree with everything other than Supporters getting 30 days of protection. Currently, supporters are fully protected. There may be life issues with someone which causes them to be unable to log in for a month. If they're paying monthly, they should be able to keep all of what they own.