New player bonus - never received

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Joeykins, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. I never received the 1500 rupees and assorted items you get for completing the tutorial, I completed it at the exact same time as sophieallen but only she got the goodies :(
    Is there any way for me to receive these now?
  2. They will probably look at your rupee's history, and then if you have in fact completely the tutorial and not received the Rupee's they will probably give them to you :)
  3. I hope so, it's lucky I got 500 rupees for referring a friend or I'd be penniless! :p
  4. I -think- I read a post by JustinGuy in another thread that there's a bug with the tutorial about it not giving you the goodies if you did other things to earn rupees before completing it. I'm pretty sure they fixed the problem for that player as well, so it should work out. :)
  5. I have credited your account the 1500r tutorial money, do you require the small tutorial starter package as well? (a few cheap tools, some saplings, some bread)

    The tutorial gift giving process is interrupted if you vote or get a referral bonus prior to completing it. It is a somewhat rare bug, and will be fixed eventually when Justin has completed other more pressing projects/updates. :)
  6. Thank you very much :) I'm okay without the starter pack.