New Pistons

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  1. I know there two type of pistons out there
    The Piston and Sticky Piston
    But what are some piston's you guys/girls want to see come from MC.
  2. There really isn't a purpose for a new piston, maybe one that retracts 10 blocks?
  3. elevator piston
  4. That would be sick, a ten block piston.
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  5. Lol, easy drawbridges and gates, like it goes out 10 blocks but it all fits into 1 piston block.
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  6. yea true meincravta, but never hurt to have some and i want to hear peoples idea, I want a Spike Piston or piston that crushes blocks
  7. SuperStrong piston maybe using diamond instead of iron?
  8. What would the point be in that besides a waste of diamonds and pushing more? you can do this with multiple pistons
  9. Mein, Cobble gens, Push 24 instead of 12?
  10. Maybe a more rapid piston? Iike maybe glowstone dust (cuz it epic) instead of iron? Idk lol :p
  11. Like does the piston go as far as 10 blocks? or like......
  12. Spike "Pistons"
    Multi-Setting Pistons (Max extend = 5 blocks, when powered from 5 directions)
    Launcher "Piston" (Tosses sand, gravel and other entities. Also, ignites TNT then launches)
    Gravitational Piston (Somehow manages to pull 13 blocks back, as well as push them forward.)
    Tile Entity Piston (The kind that pushes and pulls tile entities...)


    Crusher Piston
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  13. Or add the ability pistons had in the mod version that allowed sand or gravel to be launched in the air
  14. Maybe be able to move obsidian
  15. H
    hmm would like a pistons that could move obsidian, so my piston door could move obsidian,
  16. this isnt a piston idea but its another redstone idea.rpeaters taht make the charge go faster instead of slower.