[NEW PHONE] Looking for opinions!

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  1. I have decided to get a new phone, as my current one just does not fit it for me (here is a picture)

    So, I have gotten as far as telling myself I shall get an iPhone. My budget is not too high, so new iPhone 5S's are crossed off of the list for a start. If you think you like a certain iPhone, please tell me which one you think I should get and why :p I was thinking an iPhone 4, 4S, or possibly 5. It all depends on prices, colours, and if it is unlocked.

  2. Galaxy note 2! I lurv my phone xD
  3. Sorry mate, gotta be an iPhone ;)
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  4. What about the iPhone makes you want it?:)
  5. I suggest the iPhone 5. If not the 4s but the 5c is just... Weird
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  6. iPhone 4S factory unlocked all the way :p
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  7. I have had my iPod for yeeaars and I know how it all works and I find it easier to use - My phone on the other hand was more complicated and lots of people like iPhones here anyways I guess :p
    Thats what I was thinking :p
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  8. iPhone 5 defiantly, I had a iPhone 4s then changed to iPhone 5 and the lightness of it is amazing and very noticeable, now my iPhone 4s feels like a brick. To be honest I don't think theres any point in getting the iPhone 5C or 5S because theres hardly any change and its alot more expensive
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  9. If you do stuff like browse the interwebs and play games/watch videos, iPhone 5 is the way to go. The iPhone 6 is supposed to have a huge screen like the Samson galaxy. If that's what you want it for, keep this phone until spring time and then get the 6 when it is cheaper.
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  10. The iPhone6 is suppose to have logs of Cool features, if you want to wait a bit. Get the 6
  11. Well, if you really want the iPhone, and you want to keep it for a while, you need to get the newest one because Apple makes them so that they will lose features as they age, leading to people buying new ones as soon as they can.
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  12. Example? My iPhone 3 works fine.
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  13. i <3 my iphone
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  14. It won't update to ios7 is one thing
  15. Like was said, can't get the latest software. Many apps require the latest software, so you lose that functionality. The apps that do work with it are optimized to work on new hardware, so they do not perform well on old hardware and often crash. When iOS8 comes out, it is likely that all phones below the 5s will not be able to upgrade due to switching to 64bit processing. 64bit processing on anything less than a 5s is impossible, and 64bit processing is where Apple and the rest of the phone world is moving.
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  16. Looks like we ruled it down to iPhone 4S and iPhone 5? :p
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  17. 4s is cheaper than 5 =P
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  18. If I can afford the 5 I will get that, if not I can get the 4S :p
  19. iPhone 5c? Its cheaper than the S and you can get it in certain colours
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  20. Not sure I can afford that :/