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  1. Hey, all Percy Jackson fans! Just yesterday, a new Percy Jackson Book was released, as a sequel to the Mark of Athena book. The new book is called the House of Hades. I think this will make the 4th book in the Heroes of Olympus series now. Just thought I would mention the release. That's pretty much all I have to say right now.
  2. Percy Jackson? It brings back mixed feelings.
    At first I was thinking "Wow, these are good books, very interesting, humourous too!"
    Then I learnt how to write... :p
  3. Well i have read them all (except new one) therefore i shall get this new book and read it as soon as i get it.
  4. I bought it at the mall the very second they let people in to the book store. I have already read it. IT IS AWESOME!!!
  5. One of my good friends told me about the book, and then instantly ruined the whole story by telling me how it goes.
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  6. When will it end? I don't hate the series but it has gotten old.
  7. As soon as Rick Riordan can't milk more stories out of ancient gods
  8. But there are too many ancient gods for him to milk :p
  9. If you are complaining about these books, please don't. There are a lot of people who loves this series on the Empire, and you could upset them by complaining.
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  10. all better!
  11. Heroes of Olympus series... not the Percy Jackson series (still in the storyline) difference..
  12. Well, it has Percy Jackson in it, so...
  13. Read my post carefully....