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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by BushySpecialK, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. The Ultimate Game Card is a safe way to make payments online. Personally, I will not make a purchase online unless it is by way of UGC or prepaid card. I would Like to donate back into The Empire again. :)

    Just a suggestion for an increase in donations from players like me :)
  2. Paypal is a common and trusted site. i havent even heard of UGC before. and are you sure its not UCG?
    also, title typo :p
  3. I imagine you can use your little card money, and put it on a debit card, then put that on paypal
  4. Also, suggestion, there are 2 things that make people like your ideas more. Changing your profile pic, and using Good Grammar, and Capitalisation.
    (Of course, you use capitalisation, don't you!)
  5. Paypal>
  6. when you had no thing that paypal was >, i thought grey text. apparently not.
  7. The reason I choose to use Ultimate Game Card Instead of Paypal roots to a few years ago when My account on Paypal was drained into another game from an outside source. I have never trusted the security since then.
  8. I just use a Visa Giftcard
  9. Dont let one time ruin you online payment life. You will spend more money attempting other choices, and get less of what you want.
  10. Either way, Its A personal preference to me to use UGC's. I was merely posting an idea about an addition, that is all.
  11. Althought it probably wouldn't hurt, I don't see it being added any time soon :)
  12. Sounds like a good idea but honestly I've never heard of it, PayPal is a known source that is also known for it's security. More people would rather use PayPal...
  13. I use carrier pigeons but seriously i use paypal for most things if i can't pay in cash.