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  1. Hi guys, I have a little message. I am making a new outpost, and I am currently looking for a co-owner.
    There are a few requirements.
    1. You must be a diamond supporter, for 2 reasons. You can do /map hide and you probably wont grief
    2. You must be over the age of 12
    3. You must have a Skype (you can pm me it for privacy)
    The easy application:
    Supporter Level:
    Why I should choose you:
    Do you have any building experience:

    Btw this outpost is on smp6
  2. Why do we need to say our age for signing up?
  3. No offence to anyone, but id like to play with a "lower voice" since younger kids tend to have a high voice
    Another reason is that older kids (from my experience) are more open to others ideas then younger kids
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