[New Outpost] Skyreach

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Tex_97, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Hello again! This is the first post I've made in a good few months.

    I'm starting an outpost on SMP1 called Skyreach. It is situated next to some lovely mountains and the ocean, and I am currently setting up my own homestead on-site.

    There is nothing here yet except me and a dream, so I'd be more than happy to sign people up to help the outpost grow! The main goal is to gather resources in the wild and bring it to a store in Town that I will also be setting up shortly. Is that not the point of a colony?

    If you are interested in joining, simply reply to this thread and I will ask a few short questions via PM.

    I hope to see you there! Skyreach needs active members to thrive in the wilderness!


  2. SkyReach mhmmm. Are the mountains like secluded in the middle of a vast ocean or small ocean? and how High are they? you can PM me with Pictures of the Landscape :)
  3. You could say the ocean nearby is smallish, but that's just because there's an unexplored continent nearby. And it's called Skyreach because the nearby mountains are just about a jump's height away from the clouds! I'll get some pics to ya later.
  4. I'd like to join