NEW OUTPOST-apply now!

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  1. Bumpy :)

    I will make another website tomarrow of who is in my outpost ;)
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  2. I will also later on make staff and other founders in the outpost
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  3. thx

    will make the website for all who join later today
  4. A little more info and where this place is...
  5. lol have you read the website that i linked to?

    i will let you guys choose were this will be, on what server.

    it hasnt started yet :p
  6. Bump more plays

    The more the better ;)
  7. Tomarrow at 5 pm eastern time we will go to the wild of smp3 and build a base :)
  8. Have you applied yet?
  9. Could that op BE any less informative?
  10. Why hello mr.1 -_-
  11. We leave today sign up while you can still
  12. Is it too late to sign up? I got nothing better to do :/
  13. It's not too late it's always open
  14. Bump more player can come we will accept and take in 2 days